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(pronounced sen-say)


Sensei is composed of two words:


Sen (before),

sei (born)


meaning born before.


Literally, sensei means “one who gives guidance along the Way”; “one who goes before on the path”; wisdom from experience.


Sensei imparts knowledge to guide others and is a term of respect for “Teacher” or “Master” of their discipline.


Strategic Planning & Collaboration Process


. . .is about creating a strategic future direction that requires. . .

strategic thinking
strategic decision making
strategic innovation



Environmental Scan

  • Macro-environmental Trends
  • Industry Analysis
  • Strategic Group Mapping
  • Competitor Intelligence


Organizational Assessment

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Core Competence
  • VRIO Model
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Stakeholder Analysis


Strategic Vision & Mission (current)


Strategic Futures

  • Strategic Goals
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Strategic Options


Recommended Strategic Focus

  • Future Focus
  • Strategic Alignment with a Balanced Scorecard


Our collaboration involves. . .

  1. Exploratory Discussions
    We would be happy to explore opportunities and possibilities for collaboration. (No charge)
  2. Proposal & Contracting
    Our agreement for collaboration creates a shared understanding of the terms and conditions for the project.
  3. Needs Assessment*
    The assessment examines the organization’s vision, mission, strategic capacity, competitive situation, and leadership orientation to determine pre-work and facilitation design.
  4. Facilitation Design*
    Design of facilitation process with activities to address issues arising from the needs assessment.
  5. Retreat/Meeting Facilitation
    Facilitation on-site retreat/meeting for strategic planning takes place with clients.
  6. Post-facilitation
    Follow-up support is available contingent on client requests.

*Optional components if client opt for generic strategic planning facilitation without pre-work preparation.



  • Strategic Plan
  • Shared understanding of future
  • Participative process
  • Increased strategic capability

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