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(pronounced sen-say)


Sensei is composed of two words:


Sen (before),

sei (born)


meaning born before.


Literally, sensei means “one who gives guidance along the Way”; “one who goes before on the path”; wisdom from experience.


Sensei imparts knowledge to guide others and is a term of respect for “Teacher” or “Master” of their discipline.



The Game of Go


Go is an ancient Chinese strategy game dating back 3000 to 4000 years. Two competitors play to win the game by capturing territory. Players have a bowl with either white (181) or black (180) stones to play on a board with 19 x 19 grid lines. Beginners can start on boards with 9x9 or 13x13 lines. The rules are simple:

  1. Place stones at intersections;
  2. Capture territory by surrounding opponents;
  3. Players pass when there is no more points to be surrounded and game ends when both players pass.

The rules of competition are simple. The complexity lies in the possible permutations on the board which goes to 10 to the 750th power. Over 25 million people play Go from over 30 countries and about 20,000 are in the US.


The rules of business strategy are simple but the complexities lie in future possibilities. Sensei Change Associates guides organizations through complexities to build sustainable competitive capabilities.

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