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(pronounced sen-say)


Sensei is composed of two words:


Sen (before),

sei (born)


meaning born before.


Literally, sensei means “one who gives guidance along the Way”; “one who goes before on the path”; wisdom from experience.


Sensei imparts knowledge to guide others and is a term of respect for “Teacher” or “Master” of their discipline.


About Sensei Change


Our Vision

Sensei Change Associates strive to be catalysts of global wisdom collaborating with partners to advance learning and strategic change for leading organizations.

Our Mission

Our purpose for being is to stimulate the strategic capability of leaders to develop organizations beyond existing limitations.


Our Management Consulting Services:



  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Culture Audits
  • Diversity Management
  • Organization Development and Change Management
  • Team Building and Team Skills


Leadership Development

  • Emotional Intelligence (HayGroup ECI Certified)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Global Cultural and Diversity Competency Management


Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

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